Monday, September 10, 2012

Tennis Anyone?

I broke out my Kate Spade Sonja dress in honor of the U.S. Open finals. What could be a better occasion for such a dress? The dress is not only the color of a tennis ball or perhaps a tennis court, it also features tiny tennis balls! From far away or to the casual observer they appear to be just polka dots, but upon closer inspection you will see the tennis balls bouncing all over!

I used to play tennis competitively. This seems like so long ago. The Kate Spade Sonja dress brings back found memories of that chapter in my life.  The last time I played tennis was a couple of years ago with my parents. That incident made it painfully clear that I have become quite rusty with a tennis racket. Today the closest I get to playing tennis is throwing a tennis ball for William in the backyard.  My goal, perhaps once it gets cooler, is to get back in the game. It is a good stress reliever!

The fit and silhouette of the dress are both really nice. I went with my usual Kate Spade dress size which is a 4. This turned out to be perfect. For whatever reason, Kate Spade dresses always fit me a little tight in the chest area. Overall, I would say the dress is true to size.

Here is a close up of this delightfully cute tennis ball print. I really loved the tennis themed accessories offered by Kate Spade this summer. She even had a bag constructed from artificial grass (to mimic a tennis court). Perhaps I should have bought that bag and worn it with this dress to complete the motif! Although, I have always preferred clay courts to grass.

Since pink and green look so great together, I paired this dress with my J. Crew ballet flats in soft fuschia. As you may notice, the grass in our yard (in some patches) is a bit dead due to sort of a drought we are experiencing. We definitely need to hire the guy that does the courts for Wimbledon to come out here and work on the yard!


  1. Hi, do you know where I can buy this dress? It seems that it's no longer available at Kate Spade. I'm happy to buy vintage.


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