Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Once upon a time there was a calm and serene park at the end of a street. Everything was quiet until....

Colonel William van Winkle the Bard of Bardstown (William for short) arrived in the park and took note of the lush scenery. He saw the vast amount of land and decided to make it his domain!

He came to the edge of a great jungle gym and decided it would be his first conquest in the park. Jungle gyms need not be just for children thought Colonel William, they are perfect for English Springer Spaniel puppies too!

Colonel William surveyed his kingdom from atop the jungle gym. The sound of a bird captured his attention for just a moment. He looked around for signs of danger, and when it seemed that all was well he decided he could let loose and play!

It was time for Colonel William to show his mommy and daddy just how much he had learned from all of his puppy obedience/agility classes. He wanted to assure them that all the money spent on these classes went to good use. Up and down the stairs and slide he leapt, his energy knowing no bounds!

After a while Colonel William was tired. The comfort of the couch, a bowl of water and a chew toy was beckoning back home. So off he went into the sunset, ready to return another day to his beloved park and jungle gym. THE END.


  1. adorable is your William!

    1. Thanks you. I will pass the compliment along to William! Your Tobi is so adorable, not to mention handsome! I love King Charles Spaniels.


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