Thursday, August 9, 2012

You're in the Navy Now!

This week with summer winding down and the temperature rising well into the 100's, we have been spending a lot of time at the beach. One activity which we did last weekend was visit the USS Iowa battleship which has a new home in Southern California.

The USS Iowa, now located in San Pedro, has had quite an impressive past. It was first commissioned in February 1943 during World War II. During this time she was responsible for taking President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Tehran for a meeting with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin. After World War II she also served in the Korean war and was decommissioned shortly after. In 1982 she was reactivated for service under President Ronald Regan in an effort to expand the United States Navy. Lastly, she also played a crucial role in the Gulf War and helped to escort Kuwaiti tankers from Kuwait to the open seas.

The ship is massive when seen in person! Apparently it is about the same length as the Titanic! Here are some pictures of her:

There are definitely some massive guns aboard the Iowa. Here is a close up of some and a view looking out to the bow of the ship. Boom!

I decided for this occasion to wear my new Old Navy (get it, Navy, haha!) chambray dot shirt and J. Crew 3" chino shorts. The chambray shirt reminds me a lot of one that sold out at J. Crew a few months back. In fact, a lot of Old Navy's clothing for Fall looks very similar to styles from J. Crew lately. I usually don't shop at Old Navy (it's probably been years) but I was made aware of their cute heart and polka dot sweaters for Fall via Sandee's Kate Spade-aholic blog. Naturally, I had to go check the sweaters out, which is when I stumbled upon this shirt. At $24.50 minus the 10% off coupon, I couldn't pass it up!

I am wearing it the chambray button down casual here, but it would also look cute with a pencil skirt or some colored jeans. For reference, I purchased this shirt in size xs and my shorts are a size 2. I think Old Navy, like J. Crew tends to run a bit big.

Since I knew I would be trekking through some narrow passage ways inside of the ship, I opted for a small bag. The J. Crew Little Edie bag is perfect for maneuvering through tight spaces! This bag is just right for fitting a wallet, cell phone, keys and a pair of sunglasses. I recently purchased the larger size Edie bag (which is now on sale at J. Crew) in Casablanca Blue.


  1. Katie I love this whole outfit!

  2. you look fantastic and when i was in san diego for work years ago, i saw these ships and it was really cool! xox P

    1. Thank you phiphi! I love San Diego! We also visited the air craft carrier there a couple of years ago. My husband loves that type of stuff!


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