Thursday, August 16, 2012

Old School J.Crew and Tiki Bars

Over the last two weeks it has been 100 degrees or hotter every single day here in Los Angeles. The excessively hot weather, combined with the fact that I am on vacation, has all led to some very casual attire. The following tops are the same style (I think it is called the Clea tank) from J. Crew circa maybe four years ago. They both feature fun "aquatic" themes, so I figured they would be great for the type of activities I had planned.

The first activity was going to tiki bar and restaurant to celebrate my fifth wedding anniversary with my husband. You may ask, "why would you go to a tiki bar for an anniversary?" Well, I originally wanted to go to Hawaii to celebrate our fifth anniversary, but with the puppy being so young we decided we could not leave him. So my husband suggested that if we couldn't go to Hawaii, why not bring Hawaii to us? The Bahooka restaurant and tiki bar is the perfect place to do just that. The Bahooka is known for two things: flaming bowls of Mai Tais and numerous other tropical drinks and its excessive tiki decor with hundreds of fish tanks. Given this I decided to break out the old school Clea tank with tons of fish on it!

Here is a picture of the bar at the Bahooka which is delightfully kitsch in my opinion:

Below is a picture of the most famous fish at the Bahooka. His name is Rufus and believe it or not he is actually an accomplished actor! He had a role in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas staring Johnny Depp. He also loves carrots!

There is also a sign that adorns Rufus' tank. I guess a lot of people who go to the Bahooka think his tank is too small. Apparently Rufus has a very fragile psyche and perhaps some issues with his weight. (Typical celebrity!)

In addition to celebrating our anniversary, we also escaped the heat by going to my husband's family's beach house. Luckily the beach is a good 10-15 degrees cooler than inland. I wore the same exact top as the one above but this one has a turtle print on it.

Of course we had to bring William to the beach with us! He has an entire checklist of things he is supposed to be exposed to like the beach. The list also includes some bizarre things such as goats and fish in tanks. (Maybe we should have taken him to the Bahooka?). While at the beach he enjoyed looking at the birds and wreaking havoc (normal activities for a Springer Spaniel puppy). Here we are dancing on the patio. Luckily, he always has a tuxedo on:


  1. happy anniversary katie! i think the tiki restaurant idea was fabulous!! hope you had a great time. william is growing up so quickly too! what a cutie!! xox P

    1. Thanks phiphi! Yes, William is turning into a big boy!

  2. love this post - and happy anniversary! please send some warm weather up here, i'm so tired of the fog!

    1. Thanks Laura! I will send you some warm weather if you send me some cold and foggy weather. I actually look forward to cold, cloudy days here because they are so rare.


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