Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flappers and Philosophers

Last night we went to a literary salon celebrating F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker's Hollywood years. The event was appropriately held at the famous Musso and Frank, a restaurant which has a literary past like no other. Opened in 1919, Musso and Frank served as a refuge for literary greats such as Ernest Hemingway, Raymond Chandler, William Faulkner, Nathaniel West and of course F. Scott Fitzgerald. In addition to writers, Musso and Frank was also (and actually still is) a hangout spot for directors, producers, actors and other movie industry types. It is the kind of place where you wish the walls could talk and tell you about the drunken conversations and shenanigans of its legendary patrons. Actually, if you get to know some of the bartenders/waiters who have worked at this establishment for decades, they may pass along a story or two about the past.

Here is a view of the sign (in the parking lot) proclaiming that Musso and Frank is the oldest restaurant in Hollywood.

Below is a view of Musso and Frank's bar. In addition to claiming that they are the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, Musso and Frank also claim to have the best martini. I had one of their martinis last night (along with a few other libations) and I must admit they are pretty good. Although my favorite spot to get a martini in L.A. is at Cicada Restaurant in the Oviatt building in downtown L.A. (Sorry Musso and Frank, you're still the runner up!)

Since F. Scott Fitzgerald's work reflected and also defined "flapper culture" it was only fitting to dress the part. I chose to wear the following dress from Zara. I actually purchased the dress this winter in anticipation of attending a 20's themed event. When this literary salon came up, I knew I had found the perfect occasion to debut such a dress! 

 I decided to buy this dress in an xs. I remember the day I bought it. There was a line going through the entire Zara store for the fitting room. Given that situation, I was in no mood to try it on, but luckily it fit. My favorite part about the dress is the dramatic open back. I could definitely see the likes of Zelda Fitzgerald or Dorothy Parker wearing such a dress!

F. Scott Fitzgerald said a good flapper should be, "Lovely, expensive, and about 19." Well, I hope I looked lovely, my husband thinks I am expensive, but I am certainly not 19. Two out of three isn't bad. To add to the "expensive" look of the flapper aesthetic, I chose to accessorize with satin. My Breguet Reine de Naples watch has a satin strap, my satin clutch is from Dolce and Gabbana, and my shoes are Valentino in satin. As Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation would say, "I'm a sequin and satin-covered candy cane! Treat yourself!" The Valentino Versaille Bow pumps are one of my favorite styles of shoes. I actually have three pairs in different colors and leathers. The heel is prefect and the bows are adorable.


  1. ohh Katie i LOVE the dress! you look amazing!

    I'd love to go to a fitzgerald event... he's one of my favorite authors!

    1. Thanks Laura! Fitzgerald is one of my favorite authors too. We went on a walking tour of various apartments and hangout spots of Fitzgerald in the Hollywood area this weekend. The literary salon was also very interesting. You would have loved it!


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