Monday, September 19, 2022

Fall Florals

I don't know if a week off from blogging counts as a "vacation" but it's been a little while since I have posted on my blog. It's hardly been a vacation, though, as I have been busy with work and also a couple of Instagram collaborations with brands that ended up being way more demanding and time consuming than I could have anticipated! Well, I'm back and I'm making a splash in a gorgeous floral dress that I actually wore for my birthday, which was last month! (I'm really behind with my blog!) I love this floral print maxi dress from Frances Valentine and I'm just going to say, for the sake of keeping up with seasonal fashion, that the print could definitely be considered a fall floral. You could really wear this print for spring, summer and early fall, especially if you live in Southern California.

As I mentioned, I wore this dress almost a month ago for my birthday and we celebrated at a quaint French restaurant. The next day we also saw the Louis Vuitton exhibit celebrating the founder's bicentennial with 200 trunks designed by various artists and visionaries. Now that I think about it, it was a very Francophile birthday! I guess I should have worn a Breton shirt and a beret, although, I would hope that a fabulously, fashionable French woman would love wearing this dress to stroll down the streets of Paris, so I suppose it could also fit into the French theme as well!

Dress: Frances Valentine here
Earrings: c/o Zenzii

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  1. I think you are rocking this as a fall floral! The length and sleeves definitely make it work for fall, especially in California! Love the rich purple bag you are carrying too! Gorgeous!

  2. The sort of joyful floral thar brings a smile to the face ! Thanks for linking

  3. What a gorgeous dress! I love the print and your fabulous purple bag! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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