Monday, June 20, 2022

Rainbow Maxi Dress

In looking at these pictures of my rainbow maxi dress, I can't help but smile because I love anything with rainbows but I also kind of wince in pain because I slipped and took a really bad fall while wearing this dress the day these photos were taken. (Just to be clear, it was not the fault of the dress but of a very slippery floor!) To make a long story short, I ended up falling on my knees and, to be honest, my knees have not been quite the same since. Now that it's summer break and I'm home during the day, I'm starting to see a lot of accident attorney ads on television and I'm thinking maybe I should have taken legal action! Well, hopefully, my knees will be back to normal soon and, on the bright side, at least my dress was unscathed!

So getting back to the dress, this dress is a part of the Kohl's collaboration with Draper James, which is a line called RSVP. I really love the line because the pieces are supper cute and the prices are more affordable than Draper James' regular collection. In fact, you might recall that I also have this rainbow print in a top, which I featured a couple of months ago on the blog. I guess you can say that I have fallen for this particular print!

Dress: Draper James RSVP here
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  1. I have heard a lot of good things about the Draper James line. I will have to try some of the dresses.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your fall and your knees! I hope you feel better soon. I think I need to get my hands on some of those Draper James pieces. I've seen a couple on you and they are so darn cute!

  3. I knew I recognized this dress from Kohl's! It looks rainbow-rific on you. :) Even if it does remind you of that fall. The part about the ambulance chaser commercials made me laugh. :)


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