Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Flocking to Fruit and Color

Last weekend, we went to see the butterfly pavilion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. I was definitely in awe of all of the lovely colors of the butterflies that we were able to see fluttering around the pavilion. Not wanting to be overshadowed by the colorfulness of the butterflies, I decided to wear my new strawberry dress for the occasion. Also, not wanting to miss the perfect opportunity to match my outfit to a colorful background, much like what some butterflies do as a form of camouflage, I found this rainbow wall that was somewhat near the museum. (Okay, it was a little out of the way but it was well worth it for the photo op!)

Not only does this wall feature wide swaths of brilliant rainbow colors, it also has a portion that is devoted to some pretty cheerful fruit! Because my dress features a strawberry print, the fruit theme was perfect for what I was wearing! Speaking of fruit, at the pavilion, large plates of fruit were put out for the butterflies to feast on, which you might have seen featured in my Instagram Stories on the day we visited. I thought that the butterflies would also have been drawn to my dress, given the fruit theme on the print, but they were much more concerned with flocking to the real thing! I guess it's only natural that the butterflies would flock to the fruit, just as it's only natural for me to flock to a colorful mural!

Dress: J. Crew here
Bag: Gucci here
Sunglasses: Celine
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  1. Katie, what a fun dress! And that fruit wall is just too cute! I love the rainbow wall, too. Ahhh, it is all so good!


  2. Fabulous shots and a perfect dress. x Jacqui x

  3. Cute dress! I agree that the rainbow wall was worth going out of the way. The colors from the dress blends seamlessly with the wall. Beautiful photo :)


  4. Such a fun and gorgeous look! And the murals complemented your dress so well!

    Edwige |

  5. I love fruity prints...your dress is gorgeous! And that wall is amazing! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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