Sunday, September 6, 2020

Fashion Rules

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is enjoying the three day weekend! I know I am thrilled to have a little bit of time off to relax. Speaking of Labor Day, I am sure everyone knows the fashion rule that states that one should never wear white after Labor Day. Unfortunately, I am just getting around to wearing white shorts, as depicted in this post, and now I am not liking the idea of having to put them away until Memorial Day! (I thought they would be the perfect complement to my floral blouse, which, I must admit, is also very summery!) Luckily, I think most of us have moved on past the no white after Labor Day rule. I remember hearing the rule quite often growing up but today it's not really something I abide by for several reasons.

One reason I am okay with wearing white all year has to do with location. After living in Southern California for more than a decade, I have realized that it's summer about 3/4 of the year out here. For example, this weekend, which is supposed to be the end of summer, we had a record temperature of over 120 degrees in some parts of Los Angles! I can't transition into fall when it's sunny and that hot! Don't get me wrong, I love fall but it just doesn't feel or look like fall here at all. My second reason for continuing to wear white is that there are plenty of seasonally appropriate ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe during the fall and winter months. Personally, I am a big fan of wearing white jeans in the cooler months or you could also go with a winter white sweater when it's cool. Unfortunately, I feel like all of this talk about cooler months is just wishful thinking because, let's face it, it's going to be a long time before it's actually cool here in Los Angeles!

Shirt: J. Crew here
Shorts: Target similar white eyelet shorts
Sandals: H&M similar bow sandals here
Bag: Zara
Sunglasses: Prada

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  1. Beautiful and vibrant! This outfit is perfection and I hear you on the heat. It is very hot in my neck of the woods too. Anything to stay and feel cool is a plus. I love your idea of wearing shorts.

    Maureen |

  2. Katie, this outfit is so fun! And that green door is so adorable. I want a green door on my house now! I love the whole combination and those adorable sandals just make me smile. I like white shorts in the fall paired with contrasting tights! Wear all the white all year long, I say. Thanks for linking up.


  3. Gorgeous outfit! I love your colourful blouse! As a Brit I never got the white after Labor Day rule, but then I rarely wear white because I'll just get it dirty within five minutes! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  4. Such a vibrant cheery look with the prettiest blouse! I cannot believe how hot is there. These days, most of the time our temps are not even half of that. It got cold too soon, here. =(

    Welcome by and join my Thursday Moda linkup this week. Enjoy the weekend!!


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