Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Strolling Through the Funk Zone

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took a trip to Santa Barbara. It's been a while since we visited this beautiful and scenic part of California and it was good to be back! Santa Barbara offers a lot of fun and unique things to do while still being able to "social distance" and stay safe. One thing that we did during our trip was visit the Santa Barbara Zoo, hence this colorful safari print shirt that I am wearing in today's post! It was fun to see all of the animals, although, according to a recent article I read, apparently animals in zoos have been enjoying not having people around! After the zoo, we went to a part of town that was new to us called the "Funk Zone". The "Funk Zone", as its name implies, is a trendy part of the city with lots of wine and beer tastings, restaurants, and street art. Speaking of street art, how perfect is this tiger mural with my safari shirt? Stumbling across this mural was a happy accident, although, unfortunately, the really cool part of the mural was inaccessible due to a van being parked in front of it.

In addition to visiting the zoo and strolling through the "Funk Zone", we also went to a couple of wine tasting rooms. Most of the wine tasting rooms in Santa Barbara are now open and serving guests outside. (Many require reservations, however, so you really need to do your research first.) It was sure nice to sit outside and sip some local wines in the very temperate climate of Santa Barbara! We also went to an unassuming taco restaurant, which actually was one of Julia Child's favorite restaurants to visit when she was in the area. To be perfectly honest, the lines and wait at this place were very long and the food was a little overpriced, but at least I can say that I ate at a place that Julia Child loved!

Shirt: J. Crew here
Jeans: Old Navy similar boyfriend jeans here
Shoes: Kate Spade
Belt: J. Crew similar pink belt
Bag: J. Crew here
Hat: H&M similar hat here

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  1. What a fun shirt and I love the magenta touches with the shoes, hat and belt too! Perfectly pops with the brights on the shirt and the denim :) it's nice you got to get out and enjoy the zoo!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  2. We just visited a winery near our house and it was so nice to be outdoors, enjoy a picnic and a glass of wine.

  3. Too bad about the van. Your post reminds me to take Vivian to the Zoo before it gets too cold. Love your safari shirt and really wanted smth in this print but when I visited J. Crew in Florida, nothing was left in this print or other fabulous prints I have seen you wear in the Summer. =(

    Also, I am going to e-mail you about something. =)


  4. Your shirt is perfect for a trip to the zoo! I love animal prints, especially exotic ones! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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