Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch

When October rolled around this year, I was overwhelmed by how many pictures I found in my Instagram feed of bloggers surrounded by pumpkins in a pumpkin patch! I guess there are just certain types of photos you are expected to take if you're a fashion blogger on Instagram, one of which is the obligatory "it's fall and I am posing in a pumpkin patch" pic! Well, here I am, doing the same thing! While I might be a little late to the party in posting this on the second to last day of October, I figured that this would be my Halloween post for the season. The only thing I'm missing is a Halloween costume but this floral blouse will have to do! While it's not a Halloween costume, at least the print and color scheme of the blouse make it perfect for fall!

The truth is that I really love pumpkin patches, so I can totally get why it's such a popular photo location. I've been going to this pumpkin patch for years now, way before I was a blogger. This is because they have the best pumpkins, some really cute farm animals, and, best of all, a historic Victorian house on the premises. In the words of Linus from "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", it's "the most sincere pumpkin patch I know", although I don't think I'll be seeing the Great Pumpkin there anytime soon...although you never know!

Top: J. Crew here
Jeans: Old Navy similar jeans here
Shoes: J. Crew similar gold loafers here
Bag: Clare V. here
Sunglasses: Gucci here
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  1. We never made it to the pumpkin patch this year. Just been too busy and it does make for a colorful background for pictures.

  2. This top is so eyecatching that I had to come read about from the Linkup. You look Fantastic. Enjoy November. . .

  3. Katie, these are such lovely photos and the pumpkin patch does look sincere! I love your colorful blouse! We did not make it to a pumpkin patch this year either. Or an apple orchard. I really want to go to an apple orchard. Oh well, there’s always next year! Thanks for linking up.


  4. I love your colourful top and your photos are fabulous! I'd love to visit a pumpkin patch - I wanted to do it this year but didn't get around to it...definitely something for next year! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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