Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sprinkles and Seersucker

If there's one fabric that screams summer, it's seersucker! While I own several items of clothing in seersucker, this dress is the first piece that I own in rainbow seersucker, which makes it all the more special and perfect for my style! I feel like the puffy dolman sleeves and rainbow color scheme also give the dress a strong 80s vibe, which is another thing that I adore about it! Another thing to love is that this dress is currently on sale at J. Crew, so if you love it like I do, now is probably the right time to get it because it was, at one time, sold out on the website!

As you know, I love to match my outfit to colorful walls. This wall that features a downpour of sprinkles is on the side of a doughnut shop and was about 15 minutes away from a restaurant that we were going to for dinner. I thought it would be easy to just go to the mural before dinner but a couple things made this more difficult than I previously anticipated. The first one was traffic, which in L.A. is pretty much a fact of life! The second was that when we arrived to our destination (after sitting in traffic), there was a truck illegally parked in front of the mural.  We were, however, still able to get some fun shots of the mural, even with the impediment of the truck, by taking the photos of the wall on an angle. Also, this gives me an excuse to go back to the location (hopefully when there's less traffic and no illegally parked truck!) so I guess it wasn't a total loss!

Dress: J. Crew here
Shoes: J. Crew similar silver wedges
Bag: Mansur Gavriel here
Necklace: similar style statement necklace here

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  1. I've never have known there was a truck giving you trouble with the angle. Your photos turned out really cute! That dress is so pretty on you!

  2. That dress is just adorable! I love the way you styled it and the shoot is perfect! I love how it turned out!


  3. Haha, the things we do for a gorgeous backdrop! And its worth it!


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