Sunday, September 24, 2017

It's in the Bag!

I bought this paper bag waist skirt last spring on clearance, but I'm just now getting around to wearing it. Due to the olive drab color of the skirt, I think it actually works quite nicely for fall. Anyway, when the skirt first arrived last spring, I was a little confused about how to wear it and tie the bow since the sash it came with was really, really long. I eventually figured out that it needed to be wrapped not once, but twice. I tend not to like my clothes to be a mystery in regard to how to put them on, but I really wanted a skirt in this color, so I made a few concessions!

I wasn't the only one who was somewhat confused by the skirt. When I wore this for the first time last month, my husband said, "I like your military style skirt." In order to teach him something about fashion, I then explained that it's actually a paper bag waist skirt, to which my husband gave a sort of a confused expression. (I can't say I blame him because it is kind of an odd name!) Anyway, from that point on he started referring to my skirt as a "military trash bag," thus combining his own thoughts about the skirt with what I had told him into a really unique twist on this particular style of skirt!

Well, no matter what you call it, this style has definitely grown on me (and maybe even my husband!), so you will see a few versions of it that I linked to below if you are interested. On a side note, I wore this outfit to a wine tasting event that was sponsored by Riedel wine glasses. It was all about how different glasses influence the taste of the wine you are drinking. It was a pretty interesting event that taught me a few things I didn't know before about wine and stemware. I guess no matter if it's the world of wine or the world of fashion, there's always something new to learn!

Skirt: J. Crew paper bag waist skirt here, very similar style here
Tee: J. Crew similar here
Shoes: J. Crew similar yellow pumps here
Earrings: Baublebar similar beaded earrings here
Clutch: Clare v. foldover leopard clutch here, cheaper version here
Sunglasses: Celine here


  1. Ok, I am loving this entire look!!! You look amazing and that wall is fabulous!

    Katherine |

  2. Gorgeous outfit, love the skirt - yellow shoes wow! What a super backdrop I'd love to do photos in front of a wall like this! Jacqui

  3. i love your "military trash bag" especially with the simpler top. and that wall, with the greens, really is the perfect space to model that skirt!


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