Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Orange with a Side of Tassels

A definite pattern has developed with the skirt I am wearing below. I seem to instinctively take it out every time I go to a museum, for understandable reasons. The most recent instance of this was last weekend's excursion to the Hammer Museum. The Hammer Museum is a fun, relatively small museum located in Los Angeles' West Side. They have a gorgeous permanent collection featuring everything from Rembrandts and Rubins to Monets and Manets. Plus there are always some crazy works of contemporary art on display in their galleries. I visited the museum a couple years ago to check it out for the first time, but was lured back last weekend to view a show on Lawren Harris  curated by one of my favorite actors/authors/art collectors, Steve Martin.

In my opinion, museums have a certain allure because they often feature exhibits that encourage one to regress to a more carefree, childlike state of mind. Exhibit A would be these crazy topsy turvy chair-like things in the museum's courtyard. These are available in the gift shop of the museum for around $700, but I think I'll just visit the museum whenever I want to take a spin on one instead of purchasing my own to take home.

As the title of my post suggests, I am also debuting my new purse in today's post. I featured this bag last week in a post entitled Everything's Coming Up Rainbows . When I saw all of the colors in the tassels I couldn't wait to figure out something to wear it with. It's a great blend of a classic camera bag shaped bag, with an unexpected twist, just like the Hammer Museum presents many classics alongside many pleasant, unexpected surprises.

Sweater: H&M similar
Skirt: H&M
Jacket: H&M other denim styles here
Bag: here
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 70 mm Simple pumps here
Sunglasses: Prada here


  1. That sounds like a fun museum to visit! I love exploring museums in my city too--you can't beat them for free or cheap entertainment! I love your look--the bag is so fun and I love the brush print skirt. Such a fun look!
    Shea |

  2. Another darling outfit! I love how you've paired a bold color with a bold print, yet the whole outfit looks effortless. Too cute!

    - Liz @ Downtown Demure

  3. I love the uniqueness of the bag with the tassels on the classic shape! If anyone can play with a rainbow of colors and make it look good, it's definitely you gorgeous girl! I absolutely love that sweater, the color on you is gorgeous. Hope you've had a great week, we're almost at the weekend! XO -Kim

  4. Visiting museums is one of my favorite things to do! That skirt is perfect and I really love those sunnies and your new purse with a rainbow of tassels! Pretty!


  5. We have so many great museums in LA and I have only been to a few. Love your new purse and your outfit! Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!


  6. Just looking at this outfit makes me happy! I love that skirt, and I love all the colors you incorporated here. Such a cheerful outfit :).


  7. Gorgeous skirt! I love it paired with your bold sweater and denim jacket. That exhibit sounds fantastic. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Katie!

  8. A www you bought that gorgeous rainbow tassel bag. It is totally beautiful and it is totally you. Love that it is in a classic camel shade.


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