Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Green with Envy

It's March and that means that Saint Patrick's day is upon us! In the spirit of the upcoming celebration, I am sharing some of the items that I am lusting after in shades of green. The real reason for my post is actually twofold. First, I noticed a pattern of pinning a massive amount of green themed items on my Pinterest board entitled "Fashion Wishlist", especially when kate spade released her spring collection last week filled with shades of green, including lush floral prints and bold green stripes. I literally want everything from that collection so I better start saving the green to afford it!

Second, I thought this would be a fun way to try my hand at Polyvore like the rest of the blogging community. I am always behind the ball in terms of trends, especially when those trends involve technology. So below you will see my feeble attempt to put together a Polyvore set. Enjoy!

Green with Envy

1. Kate Spade Yarn Dyed Fit and Flare Dress here
2. Anthropologie Rainforest Skirt by Tracey Reese here
3. Kate Spade Garden Leaves Poplin Skirt here
4. Zara Front Pleat Printed Skirt here
5. Zara Croc Mini City Bag here
6. Zara Floral Top and Skirt here

Shop my picks for Green with Envy here:

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