Sunday, December 28, 2014


I can be pretty indecisive...well...about somethings...well...maybe about a lot of things. (Perhaps this is the making of a New Year's resolution?) Take the outfit I am wearing below, for example. It was hard to figure out, with such a pretty dress layered in so much color, such as this "Rosado" sheath from Anthropologie, which colors to pair it with. I decided on a mustard-colored sweater because purple/blue and yellow, as we all know from the color wheel from our elementary art classes, pair so well together. Then there was the decision of should I wear tights or not? Luckily, I opted to go without tights because it turns out the weather here in Los Angeles is pretty indecisive as well. Last week we had a couple days in the high 70s (now it's chilly), so this sweater, let alone tights and boots, was more than I could bear.

It's a good thing that this dress is pretty versatile for an indecisive person like myself, living in an indecisive and unpredictable climate. That's one of the things that I am starting to love about dresses: you can really dress them up or down or wear them for different seasons if you get your styling right. At least I can make my mind up about that!

As you will see below, the background for this post was another thing I couldn't decide upon. After taking some pictures in a back alley that I like to refer to as "the secret spot" (no one goes there, so it's very isolated), I came across this yellow door next to one of our favorite restaurants. I thought it might look cool with my dress, hence the two backgrounds you see before you!

Linking Up With: Passion for Fashion

Dress: Anthropologie "Rosado" Sheath here
Sweater: J. Crew (old)
Shoes: J. Crew "Valentina" in Mirror Metallic Pumps here , similar here
Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy in "Granade"
Necklace: Banana Republic here
Sunglasses: Prada 


  1. I think every women is pretty much indecisive about a lot of things! That just means we take our time making the CORRECT decision ;-) or at least that's what I tell me self. I think you made the right one, because your outfit looks beautiful!

    1. So true! My husband would definitely agree, but I like the positive spin you put on being indecisive! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. First, your LV epi is an amazing color! Love it. I also love the whole outfit, THe mustard color looks great and such a pretty dress!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

    1. Thanks Jess! I think this might be my favorite LV color, it's pretty rare and it goes with so many things in my wardrobe! However, it's really hard to choose! Thanks for stopping by from the link-up!

  3. I adore how you styled this dress. I feel like we all have dresses that we struggle to outfit because the colors are so dominate but you hit it out of the park with this outfit.

    I also love your purse!


    Ginger Side of Life

    1. Thank you Chelsea! I agree, sometimes it's tough to style dresses, especially ones with bold colors. I appreciate you stopping by!

  4. The dress is absolutely beautiful and your choice of the yellow cardi was spot on!


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