Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Tale of Two Backgrounds

I like weekends because usually the most difficult choice I have to make is where to eat out and maybe what to use at the "backdrop" to my latest blog entry. It's certainly a lot better than the hassles one must face during the work week. Yesterday my husband and I went to one of our favorite shabu shabu restaurant and I wanted to take a couple of pictures before I splashed noodles and broth all over myself.  Although, ironically, even though I am quite messy, I am much neater than my husband when it comes to shabu shabu. I really have the technique down...sort of.

Well, we got to the shabu place right before they opened, so I figured why not map out a place to do a few quick pictures? My husband liked this green-painted brick backdrop complete with a palm, cactus, and bush, while I went for the ever-popular, minimalist corrugated door to a storage locker look. Well, I used pictures from both backdrops, so you be the judge.

Just a quick note about my map themed top: it's from Anthropologie and I found it last weekend on the clearance rack during the "Anthro Day" sale with an extra 15% off everything. It's called the "Cartography" Buttondown and features a "cheery" map print. It's perfect for mapping out the ideal "blog shoot" local.

Shirt: Anthropologie "Cartography" buttondown  here
Skirt: J. Crew striped no. 2 pencil skirt
Bag: Prada Saffiano Lux tote in "Papaya"
Shoes: J. Crew "Valentina" mirror metallic pumps here
Belt: J. Crew
Watch: Tissot 
Sunglasses: Prada


  1. That map blouse is adorable paired with the striped skirt - every woman should own a skirt like that. And I love the silver pumps. Beautiful girl!!

    Hope your weekend was great, Katie.

    <3 Ada.

    1. Thanks Ada! I couldn't agree more about the striped skirt. I wear it all the time and it seems to go with most everything! Enjoy your week too!


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