Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Little Things

It's sort of interesting to reveal some of the mystery that takes place "behind the blog" so to speak. For example, how do most fashion bloggers take their pictures? I know some bloggers take their own photos through the use of tripods or quick iPhone pics, while some go great lengths and even hire a professional photographer. As you may know, I use my husband (he's pretty good, not to mention patient I think!) and the photos are me in real life situations. The things I wear in my blog represent what I wear out to lunch, shopping, exploring or in the next few days (it's almost back to school time), what I wear to work.

My blog is far from being professional and my pictures are not without flaws. I am not always the most conscious person either when it comes to the details. What I mean is I often get home and look at the pictures and find things that I didn't notice like one sleeve rolled up more than the other, strands of hair out of place, wrinkly clothes, eyes closed, a hair elastic still around my wrist or an intrusive shadow. So here is just a little behind the scenes commentary about my photos and their flaws. 

The picture above was my husband's idea. I thought it would look stupid, especially since this bench is technically outside of a restroom, but it turned out okay in my opinion, and if I didn't just mention the bathroom thing you might think it was a park. Sometimes I think my husband has a better eye than I do when it comes to these things. Although I just noticed while editing this that there is a cigarette butt by my foot. I thought this one was close to perfect. Rats!

In this picture I had my bag turned around.  I didn't notice this until after I took about five pictures this way. Truth be told taking pictures in public sometimes makes me feel self conscious and a little flustered. This usually results in a gaffe like this!

In this picture my bracelet is up too high and turned around, but at least my bag is facing the right way! This is one of the problems with wearing statement jewelry I guess. The more you wear, the greater chance of something going awry.

 Above, correct placement of watch, bag and statement bracelet! Phew!

Yes, this picture is supposed to be askew. I always ask my husband to take one or two slightly off pictures because I've seen it on other blogs and for some unknown reason I sort of like the way it looks. Usually my husband tilts the shot a little too much for my liking, but I think this one turned out okay.

Well, thanks for letting me ramble on about my photos and the little flaws I observed. The little things can truly drive you nuts. For those of you who are fashion bloggers, is there anything that drives you crazy about your photos?

Linking Up With Confident TWOsday

Shirt: J. Crew Factory printed classic button down shirt in "Dark Cove" here 
Skirt: kate spade "Barry" skirt
Shoes: J. Crew J. Crew "Evie" Metallic Mid-heel Sandals here 
Bag: J. Crew "Edie" in Casablanca Blue 
Watch: kate spade "Carlyle" bow watch
Sunglasses: Prada "Baroque"  


  1. Usually that I think I'm getting a photo right when I'm not!

    I do wish I had more time to blog and take better photos, but at the end of the day I'm usually beat and my outfit is a mess. And I'm not a morning person, hah.

    1. I just went back to work today and I can relate. It's hard to be crunched for time, feeling tired and feeling like you're a mess. If I took my photos before work, it would be dark out!

  2. I'm a semi- professional photographer and I do all of those things too! Like anything though- the more you do it the better you get! Love your outfit!

    Thrift and Shout

    1. Thanks Lindsey! I agree that perfect makes perfect.

  3. My husband takes all my pics, but doesn't quite have an eye for detail. I always find odd things about my photos, but oh well! I love this outfit. The stripes and floral are so cute! Thanks for linking up to Confident Twosday!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laura! I agree, my husband often doesn't catch some of the little things that I find later in my photos.


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