Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Blue, Cubist and Impulsive Period

Picasso went through many phases and periods in his long and fruitful career as an artist. It often amazes me that one man could dabble in so many artistic styles and at the same time be so successful at executing them. Anyway, when I saw this skirt, it sort of looked like a wannabe Picasso and perhaps that was why I was so attracted to it. While I can't really afford a Picasso painting, this might just be the next best thing.

The name of the skirt also gives away the inspiration for print: it is the J. Crew collection pencil wrap skirt in Cubist print. I wonder if it is analytical cubism or synthetic cubism, although I'm a little shaky on the differences between the two. It's also pretty heavy on the blues, so it evokes not only thoughts of Cubism, but also Picasso's Blue period. As I am typing this, I realize that this skirt really was a great deal, as it is like a mini-art history lesson that you can wear!

I bought this skirt last month and I was in a little bit of a rush. I knew I wanted the skirt, I saw that they had it in my size, I tried it on and it looked lovely. Check, check and check. So off to the register I rushed with my Cubist masterpiece in hand.

When I wore this skirt for the first time today I realized that although I find the print to be stunning and the fabric to be exquisite (it is a thick, substantial silk), there are some things left to be desired with its construction. If I was a bit more practical, I would have considered these "angles" of my Cubist skirt before making my purchase. 

My major complaint is that this skirt has a zipper and numerous snap buttons down the front.  This causes a few problems. First, it is difficult to sit down in this skirt.  Second, when sitting down the snaps come undone. Third, going to the bathroom is problematic because you have to unsnap the whole thing plus the two clasps in the waistband and then zip the skirt down just the right amount. If you unzip it too far, the skirt completely comes off into one piece of fabric. By the end of the day I finally got this whole procedure down, but perhaps that is too much information.

So, I guess in the long run I have realized that maybe being more careful before purchasing an item of clothing is something to consider. My husband is my foil in this respect. He hems and haws over every purchase, be it a car or a loaf of bread. I criticized him the other day for spending what seemed like an hour in the bread aisle comparing different loaves of bread based on price, weight, calories, ingredients and who knows what else. Perhaps if I had bothered to sit down in this skirt I would have realized the flaws it had. But then again, it is a pretty skirt! I guess my impulsive period isn't just a phase.


  1. I adore the print on it - but that would be so much of a hassle for me! You do look lovely in blues, Katie!

    1. Yes, I agree. The print is lovely, the design perhaps not so much. Thanks Laura!


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