Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Deja Vu

I wish I knew how to put all of the appropriate accents on today's title for my post, but oh well, you know how to pronounce it, even if you're not French.

Anyway, I had the experience of Deja Vu a few weeks ago when the J. Crew factory rolled out its new arrivals for spring. I usually relish scrolling through the new arrivals since the Factory "re-issues" old styles from J. Crew's past. But this time around all of the patterns and styles looked very familiar.  I realized this was because they were already residing in my closet from last year. The experience of all these items being "already seen" and possessed by me led to another feeling: relief. I was relieved because since there was nothing new and crave worthy being featured in said new arrivals, there would be nothing for me to covet.

One such repeated item from the J. Crew Factory, already owned by me, is this short sleeve stripe necklace sweater. I'm not sorry that I bought this last year as opposed to waiting for the Factory version because I get a lot of wear out of it. It goes with everything. In fact, it's like Deja Vu wearing it and seeing it over and over again!

Jacket: J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Camel
Sweater: J. Crew Crystal Necklace Sweater - Now available here at the Factory, last seen here
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: Pink Studio
Belt: Target


  1. Love this stripes & floral outfit, Katie. Did you feel like you were walking in your closet while in the Factory store then? ;)

    1. I haven't been to a brick and mortar J. Crew Factory in a while, but I am sure I would have that sensation if I did!

  2. Oh man... I wanted that top for so long! And of course, with it being Lent and I give up shopping, I am being tested with J Crew. Adding to the wishlist!

    1. I have my fingers crossed that they will have it after Lent for you Laura! Perhaps it will be reduced and on clearance by then!


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