Saturday, March 15, 2014

Color Crazy

It's no surprise that I am a little crazy about color and it's also probably not a national secret that I love shoes. Given this, I was instantly drawn to some of the new shoe styles featured this spring at J. Crew, which were all about a bright bold color palette.

While it was a bit of a splurge, I am happy that I invested in both the Lucie printed fabric slingback and the Cleo loafer from J. Crew. The colors on both shoes are so bright and happy that I can't help but smile when looking at them. To me, that is the mark of a good shoe. Perhaps it shows just how shoe obsessed I am, but it's always nice when you're having a bad day to look down at your feet and smile.

I actually scored the Lucie slingbacks in a bet I had with my husband. I have won two pair of shoes this way and by this time my husband should know better than to wager with shoes. I have a very particular set of skills that I use for getting any pair of shoes that I may covet!

My husband claims that the color palette for these two pairs of shoes is too similar and that they almost look the same, but I would disagree. For example,  I would pair the Lucie slingbacks with a full skirt or linen summery dress, whereas the loafers would work better with jeans and shorts for spring/summer. I told my husband this, but he simply didn't buy it. Thankfully, I bought both.

Well, okay, now that I think about it, they are pretty similar. But as I have stated before, too much of a good thing isn't always bad. I have a feeling I will be wearing these shoes for years to come. 

I ordered the Cleo fabric loafers in turquoise/orange in my usual size 7 and I found them to be true to size. They have a silk upper and leather soles, both of which make these shoes very sumptuous and elegant, yet fun at the same time. I also love the fact that these are made in Italy.

The Lucie printed fabric slingback in grape were sold out when I ordered them during a promo. I wait-listed for a pair in size 7.5 because that was my only option. When I finally got them I found that the size 7.5, although a half size up from what I normally take, was a good fit. Pointy toe shoes tend to require sizing up, so all in all it worked out well. Like the Cleo loafers, these are constructed in Italy from raw silk and have leather soles.

William likes to jump up on our back bank and photo bombed some of my shots. It's all good, though, because he is very handsome! It's too bad that dogs cannot distinguish among colors as well as humans. William is missing out!

(I hope this picture conveys me clinging for dear life to my precious, colorful shoes!)

Shoes: Lucie printed fabric slingback from J. Crew (here) and Cleo Loafers from J. Crew (here)

Outfit: Kate Spade blouse, H&M Sweater, Kate Spade Carlyle Bow Watch


  1. I love both of these!! Great choices!


    1. Thanks Kaitlin! I hope to get lots of use out of them this spring/summer and for years to come!

  2. Can't wait to see more of these cute fun shoes in your future outfits! I also love the first and last pics - the sense of humor! Also, thanks for the idea on using special skill sets to wager for coveted items. I'm not sure my husband will thank you for that though! ;)

    1. I'm glad you liked the photos, as my husband told me I literally looked crazy in them. Although I guess I am shoe crazy! Good luck with wagering with shoes!

  3. Both are gorgeous - but there is something special about those loafers!

    1. I know! I bought the sling backs first and when I saw the loafers I just had to have them because they were so cool.


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