Monday, February 3, 2014

Museum Leftovers

As a continuation of my last post detailing the "Journey of a Dress" exhibit at the LACMA, I thought I would also throw in some pictures I took of the museum itself. They are just some leftover photos that I wasn't necessarily thinking of doing anything with, but I sort of liked the way they turned out, so here they are.

The LACMA is a fairly extensive museum with art ranging many time periods and cultures. In the last five years or so they've added on quite a bit to the museum. In my opinion it has become sort of a weird Frankenstein's monster of disparate buildings and such, but not necessarily in a bad way. The mishmashing of styles and time periods, I suppose, is just a  quintessentially LA thing.  Anyway, one of my favorite additions is this lamp post installation entitled "Urban Light." Greeting you at the entrance to the museum with lamp posts from the 20s and 30s it makes for a great photo opp. 

Another new addition to the museum is the Broad Contemporary Art building. You have a few options for how to enter this multistory building and move from floor to floor. You can take the stairs, take an escalator or take the Barbra Kruger elevator once inside. I don't know why, but the stairs and the escalator which are both outside the building and exposed make me feel like I am having a panic attack because of the height. On this last venture to the museum my legs were literally shaking a bit once a reached the top.

Below you will see a large, abstract sculpture located in the Ahmanson building. It's a fun structure to walk though and gives you an altered perception of the space around you. 


Here is a glimpse at one of the current exhibits. It featured this ramshackle type structure which was made of film strips. I enjoyed going in a viewing the images on film, many of which depicted old Hollywood and the movie industry. I am not a pro at analyzing contemporary art; it's a bit esoteric or, as my husband would say, not really art, but I have a feeling this is some sort of commentary on the duality of Los Angeles, which isn't always the glitz and glamor portrayed on the big screen. But it could be about anything, I guess that's the fun of interpreting art!

I really don't know what this installation below is about. If you know, respond in the comment section of my blog. Actually it would be cool to hear the best interpretation! I just sort of liked the way this installation looks. I also like to see people looking at stuff with a sort of WTF expression. Even better is the WTF expression on the face of the guards. This one guard was guiding people away from walking in the middle of the installation.

I also love the idea of art that you actually can touch and interact with. This installation found outside one of the main buildings of the museum was a magnet for children and adults alike. It truly inspires you to get out and be one with the art.

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  1. Great shots and love the abstract sculpture in Ahmanson building!


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