Monday, October 7, 2013

Parisian Details

What's more Parisian, not to mention evocative of mimes, than black and white stripes? Add a pleated skirt with some skunks and a Hermes inspired cuff and you're all set to jet off to France. I was thinking or shall I say salivating over the thought of taking another trip to France during our most recent wine tasting class in which the instructor detailed some delectable places to dine in the countryside. It's been a while since I last visited Paris, but I sure would love to go back now that my palette has "matured" and I've come to appreciate more diverse types of food. I've transformed from a scared caterpillar into a culinary butterfly.

Getting back to the Parisian details, the shirt and cuff I am featuring in today's post were both recent acquisitions to my wardrobe. This weekend, lured in by Ann Taylor's LOFT promotion of 40% off everything, I discovered this shirt along with a few other goodies that will have to wait for cooler weather. On my way out of the mall I happened upon this cuff at Nordstrom. It's a dead ringer for Hermes and although the quality is not the same, at the sale price of $4.95 I couldn't say no. This cuff ranked high on the "detested by husband scale" which I think is the new way I am going to rate my accessories!

Below you will find some close ups of the details including the Hermes inspired cuff (sure to garner grimaces from husband and probably most men who are not in punk rock bands), the embroidery of my shirt, and my patent wedges.

Skirt: J. Crew Collection Little Skunks Skirt
Shirt: LOFT
Belt: J. Crew
Cuff/Bracelet: Nordstroms 
Shoes: Marshall's - Schutz


  1. That shirt is so lovely, Katie! And that bracelet is gorgeous, even if it isn't Hermes. ;)

  2. Thanks Laura! I think my pocketbook is certainly happy that it's not Hermes!


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