Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Layers of Fun

I decided for today to combine two posts into one. Thematically I'm going to tie them together using the idea of layers. In regard to fashion, it's not cold enough here to pile on the heavy layers of sweaters, socks, boots, etc. For some visual interest and panache I added this embellished blouse from Forever 21 underneath my dress. I've worn my Lucile Scalloped Eyelet dress a million times before but not with anything underneath for an added detail. At only $7.50, the blouse is the perfect economical layering piece for underneath dresses and sweaters once the fall weather kicks in. In the mornings or at work with the air blasting it is often cool, so I added a cardigan for practical reasons, as opposed to the "bejeweled" blouse which is purely aesthetic.

 Peeling back the next layer, I wanted to share my experiences at the LA Fair which like an "awesome blossom" or "bloomin' onion" has layer upon layer of fun. Below you will see some of the images I captured from this adventure:

I am not one for rides, especially Ferris wheels, but they are sure pretty to look at.

Livestock is actually more my thing. Growing up, I lived in upstate New York and went to the New York State Fair every year. Cattle, chickens, horses and rabbits were a very big deal there. In L.A. the fair's livestock serves the instructional purpose of showing people where their food comes from.

In addition to the fauna, flora also makes an appearance at the fair. Every year they come up with a theme for the floral show and this year it was Brazil. 

Shopping is plentiful at the fair. I think there are more vendors than animals. I found this one vendor selling statement necklaces aplenty. I didn't buy any necklaces but I did find a festive Venetian style mask for a dollar. I couldn't pass that up! 

I usually schedule my trip to the fair around the wine education classes they host. This year I went to one on Bordeaux and one on wines from around the world. Our educator for the evening was quite the cosmopolite traveling to France 84 times in his life! He also had his palate insured for one million dollars! Isn't that as much as Jennifer Lopez's posterior is insured for?

While I may not have a million dollar palate, I do love fried fair food, and there's plenty of it to go around. I was pretty good and even though I was tempted by the idea of a deep fried Reese's Cup, I opted for just the blooming onion. It weighs in at a mere 3,000 calories. Luckily I had my husband to share it with and we took half of it home.


  1. 1) That blouse was only 7.50?! Holy cow. And it looks amazing under that dress!
    2) That photo of the ferris wheel is awesome.
    3) Fair food... yum. ;)

    1. I know, what a great deal! I almost bought it at full price but I am glad I waited. Patience is a virtue!


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