Monday, October 28, 2013

Bargain Basement

Over the weekend I was overwhelmed by all the bargains to be had, be it for humans or pets. Yesterday, I made a quick sojourn to the nearest outlet mall to return some shoes for my husband at the Off Saks Outlet. While returning the shoes and using the return to justify buying a few goodies for myself, I popped into the Neiman Marcus Last Call outlet only to discover that they had an endless sea of designer shoes. While these shoes included Chanel, Louboutin, Prada and Miu Miu just to name a few favorites, it was easy to see why many of the shoes were on clearance. For example, I spied these spiky Louboutins which I stabbed myself on (I actually did yell out "ouch!" when I tried to pick them up) and a pair of Charlotte Olympia pumps which could easily be mistaken for a Macaw.

A few pairs did pique my interest from this sale and would have found their way home with me if they were not either in ridiculously small or large sizes. They had a gorgeous pair of Valentino Rockstud flats in some sort of stingray looking material and a few of these fun summery Miu Miu smoking slipper from last spring. Each pair would have been around $200 give or take a few bucks. If you have a Neiman Marcus Last Call outlet close by I would just check it out to see if you find a pair of stellar shoes in your size. They did have a purple suede pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps in my size which I passed up because I have a similar J. Crew pair.

Moving on to bargains for the four legged friends. William was nearing the end of his dog food so this Friday after work I went to Petco to buy him some of his favorite food, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness food for "active" dogs. My husband gave me explicit instructions not to buy any toys or Halloween costumes for William (I love to spoil him!) because he destroys toys quickly and we already have a box of pet costumes which, thanks to me, grows every holiday. Well at 75% off I couldn't help myself and I bought William both a toy and two costumes! The pet costumes featured below were  just under $5. Hopefully I will reveal William's costume(s) this Thursday for Halloween on my blog and you will see that the the $10 was well spent.

I also really wanted to go home with the turtle featured below, which looked like he passed out drunk in his dish after a long night of partying. When I was a child I was upset that my parents would not let me have a turtle as a pet. If I had my way I would have had a menagerie of every animal under the sun growing up. Still, I think this little guy would be a great companion for William. He appears to be super mellow while William is high strung, so they'd make the perfect pair!

Did you get any great bargains over the weekend or, like Mr. Turtle here, did you resort to just taking it easy?


  1. Did you score the Miu Mius? Those loafers are awesome!

    The Louboutins are ... special, haha.

    1. I would be so happy if I scored these in my size, but unfortunately they only had huge sizes! "Special" is quite fitting for the Louboutins, not to mention dangerous!

  2. *snorts* at the macaw comment. that's hilarious.
    I picked up a shirt from the polo outlet and two tops from the J Crew outlet, specifically the blackwatch plaid shirt I missed out on last year. Hurrah!

    1. The J.Crew outlet has some awesome finds for fall. I bought a few things on clearance last week. I've definitely shopped at the outlet way more than the regular store this fall.


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