Thursday, August 1, 2013

Variations on a Theme

Pairing stripes with patterns, and in many cases floral, isn't something too novel. Regardless, I like the fact that this green striped tank from Kate Spade is slightly different and features what I would describe as a pinwheel pattern front and center. The design provides just the right amount of something different to the tank and also the outfit.

Sure I've worn this J. Crew no. 2 pencil skirt in Garden Floral plenty of times before, but I'm trying to pair it with something new every time I wear it. I suppose that is one of the benefits of having a blog and keeping track of what you wear on a regular basis; you are encouraged to try something a little different every time. It certainly prevents your wardrobe from becoming stale.

Outfit: Skirt: J. Crew, Top: Kate Spade, Belt: Target, Ballet Flats: J. Crew in Burnt Sienna, Bag: LV Speedy in Grenade


  1. very fun, Katie! i agree with you - the blog is a good reminder of outfits worn before, and an impetus to change it up. this is really cute! xo

    1. Thank you phiphi! I couldn't agree more about using a blog to catalog outfits and inspire new ones.

  2. Oooh the stripes with floral print - love this! And your bag is droolworthy, too!


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