Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sojourn to San Pedro

Be forewarned, this post contains all of the following: Big bells, historical reenacting, crazy hats, sea lions, ocean scenery, Moroccan food, and belly dancers. If you are interested in any of the above, then San Pedro, CA is a place you might want to check out. San Pedro, which is nearby to Long Beach, is a city centered around a thriving seaport. Although most of what you'll see when you first enter San Pedro are a ton of cranes and shipping containers (pretty boring, right?) closer inspection will reveal a smorgasbord of many cool, random things, many of which I experienced yesterday. Here is a pictorial diary of all that I saw in San Pedro.

The first thing you might spy while approaching the coastline of San Pedro is the Korean Friendship Bell. This bronze bell was given to the United States by the Republic of Korea to celebrate our bicentennial in 1976.

The real reason we went to San Pedro was to experience Old Fort MacArthur Days, which is an event held one weekend every year at an old fort formerly used for training and coastal defense during World War I. I would describe this event as such: it's a bunch of men (and some women) who are dressed in period appropriate garb from wars spanning the length of human history. You will see a Roman Centurion eating a sandwich and drinking a Coke next to a Civil War soldier and an English Redcoat by the ocean. Needless to say, this was for my husband and not me.

There were also some pirate reenactors (not featured here because I thought they would make me walk the plank if I took their photo) and the picture below depicts their camp. I like the sign they set up at the entrance which is a good motto to display in any kitchen, pirate or otherwise.

Being a lady, I'm naturally drawn to anything having to do with fashion. I was captivated by these festive hats for sale at the event and I was also tempted to buy one. I'm particularly partial to the black and white one with the red flower. I think I should start wearing hats. It would be nice if ladies wore hats more often don't you think?

On the way to Old Fort MacArthur Days I saw this sign for the Marine Mammal Care Center. I recalled seeing this place on Huell Howser's show California's Gold a while back. I love animals, especially seals and sea lions so I had to check it out. Essentially, I ditched my husband who was engrossed in conversing with the reenactors and traveled just a little up the street from the fort to see the marine life at this center which rescues, rehabilitates and then releases a variety of marine mammals back into the wild.

The last stop on our San Pedro adventure was to a Moroccan restaurant called Babouch. I've never had Moroccan food, but it was recommended to me by a friend, so I thought I might as well give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the cuisine. We chose to eat family style and had a variety of food including lamb, beef kabobs, lemon chicken, ground beef in a garlic sauce and these delightful appetizers called Bastilla which is a chicken pie wrapped in phyllo dough and dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

I like that this restaurant incorporated what I assume to be traditional Moroccan rituals. For example the waitress washes your hands in a big metal apparatus before you eat. Before dessert, she then sprinkles your hands in a little rose water.

For some kitchy fun (or for some of the patrons, kinky fun) a belly dancer comes out and shakes it for your dollar bills and a Tarot card reader will tell you your fortune. It was the perfect end to our sojourn in San Pedro.


  1. i love little quirky towns like this! and now, i'd love some beef kabobs.

    1. Yes, the quirkier the better! The beef kabobs were delicious!


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