Friday, April 5, 2013

What Dogs Will Do

Yesterday morning I woke up to a very unpleasant surprise, all thanks to Colonel William Van Winkle. My husband happened upon it first when he got up and discovered my Ray Ban sunglasses in the hall. Closer inspection revealed that the sunglasses were chewed up and spit out by the jaws of one very disturbed English Springer Spaniel. At first I thought, "maybe this is just a bad dream?", but no, this is life with a puppy named William. Oh the horror, the horror!

Last week we celebrated William's 1st birthday. During this celebration my husband and I reminisced about how good William is (was?). How he bypassed the puppy chewing stage. How we can leave him alone and he doesn't touch our things. The day after this discussion we discovered that William took a bunch of party hats and favors outside and ripped them up. I thought, "well maybe this is just his retaliation for having to wear a party hat?" You can see the photos of William donning a party hat here. Over the next few days he started taking magazines outside and shredding them. We later discovered that he also took a garden trowel off of a table outside and hid it in the backyard. What's up with that William? So, I am now wondering if something bizarre happens to dogs at one year old. Is this a defiant teenage stage? (Technically he is 7 in people years, but he has been going through "doggy puberty" ... so that sort of throws a wrench in that age conversion thing.)

Below you can see the evidence of William's destruction. After taking in the damage to my sunglasses yesterday, I frantically got on the computer and tracked down a new pair. (Luckily I was able to locate these since they are limited editions.) The glasses are already on their way to my house.  Perhaps we need to get an American Express card because I hear they replace items which are damaged, no questions asked, which might come in handy with our new little terror!

What do your dogs or pets do that drives you nuts?

Even though these were my favorite sunglasses and I had to shell out another $160 for a new pair (actually only $116 because I found them on sale) it was hard to stay mad at William for very long. I mean, really? Look at his face. It's as if he is saying, "Please don't be mad mommy. I'm sorry!"

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