Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Play's the Thing

It's funny how some weekends can be spent doing nothing but sitting around in your pajamas and watching Lifetime movies and other weekends are full of culture and adventure. (Lifetime movies, the cheesier the better, are one of my biggest guilty pleasures.) Last night we took in a play at the Geffen Playhouse, which is located across the street from UCLA in Westwood.

I decided to go with a little houndstooth, which my husband called Rorschach houndstooth, for this evening's play. The Kate Spade Lola dress was a pretty good Ebay find. I love shopping Ebay for past season's Kate Spade and this silk dress, new with tags, ended up being a bargain. I paired it with some colorful accessories including the Kate Spade Loop de Loops necklace and yellow J. Crew Jackie cardigan.

I'm always a tad jealous of those bloggers who are able to take pictures with just the right background to aesthetically compliment their outfits. Usually I'm just next to one of the orange trees in the backyard, as opposed to some exotic local. I thought yesterday before the play was the perfect opportunity to find a complimentary background for this post. We found some beautiful stairs done with Spanish tile right next to the restaurant we ate at last night. My husband and I decided to put in our name at the restaurant and then take a picture or two by the stairs. When we came back out of the restaurant a homeless man had set up camp on the stairs and took to yelling at himself and at passersby. I wasn't going to ask him to move because I needed to take pictures for a blog, so we found an alternative place.

Below is a picture of the picturesque Geffen Theater. The play we saw was American Buffalo, written by David Mamet. All in all it was quite a lovely evening. The play's the thing you know!


  1. I love this outfit, especially the dress! Well, then again no surprise there looking at the "color" of it. ;) Kate Spade always has such pretty dresses. Maybe one of these days, I'll bite.

    1. Thank you! I really love Kate Spade and her dresses too. They are pretty classic, yet fun.


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