Thursday, April 18, 2013

Best in Show

It's no secret that I love dogs. The adorably named Fetch and Frolic dress from Anthropologie is the perfect dress for anyone who adores man's best friend. The dress features realistic sketches of a vast array of dog breeds. My only complaint is that the artist designing the sketches and fabric left out the English Springer Spaniel, which as everyone knows is the best looking of all of the breeds.

William, my English Springer Spaniel, is actually the grandson of a dog who won best in show at Westminster. I wanted to feature William in this post due to its subject matter, but unfortunately he is going through sort of an "awkward phase" at the moment. You see, last week he had his first stay in a kennel and received some much needed grooming. He had some matted fur on his ears and the only solution to this problem was to shave all of the wavy fur off his otherwise very cute little springer ears. To be quite honest he looks a little ridiculous with shaved ears, but regardless he is still best in show in my book.


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