Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fashion Vernacular

The language of fashion is sometimes like a foreign language to outsiders, such as well-meaning husbands who have fashion obsessed wives. Lately I have been expanding the vocabulary and horizons of my husband with words and expressions such as "ombre" or "color-blocking". Amazingly enough, my husband has been absorbing the vernacular of fashion like a sponge. For example, today he told me that my outfit was "on trend" with the "mixing of patterns" and addition of a "statement necklace".  In case it wasn't clear, the tone of these statements was mocking, but at least he is listening to me.

He also added that I was like Norma Bates from the new A&E series Bates Motel (a prequel to Psycho), because while watching the show I pointed out that much of her wardrobe consisted of matching disparate patterns. I found it peculiar that someone so obsessed with her son, starting a new motel that is doomed to fail, and murder had time to flip through the latest J. Crew style guide or Anthropologie catalog, but who doesn't love to be fashionable?

My mixing of patterns for today's outfit includes the Jolie Bow skirt from Kate Spade. I mixed it with a striped shirt (H&M) and cashmere cardigan (J. Crew) in green to add a "pop" of color.  I don't think Norma Bates would wear it, as silk is hard to get blood out of, but it is "on trend"!


  1. Katie, your story about your husband is hilarious. My bf's fashion vernacular has definitely expanded vastly, thanks to me (although he doesn't seem to be pride himself in it!) :P

    1. I guess your bf is learning from you too! I've picked up a lot of knowledge from my husband too about subjects I never cared about before, like cars.


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