Monday, December 31, 2012

Party People!

There are tiny French people partying on my shirt! My husband just looked at this as I was typing and asked, "How do you know they are French?" I responded that there are French phrases all over the shirt, although there are English ones as well, such as "One Martini, two olives, extra dry." Hmm... that sounds good!

Anyway,  I loved the print of the Kate Spade Jessie shirt with sketches from Garance Dore. I really wanted something with this print when the line was first launched this fall from Kate Spade. When I saw that there were people drinking and smoking on the shirt I knew I couldn't wear it to work, therefore limiting places to wear this shirt and what I was willing to spend on it. When this shirt popped up during the Kate Spade Cyber Monday sale I knew I couldn't get it any cheaper so I decided to buy it.

Although I can't wear these smoking and drinking French people to work, I thought the festiveness of the shirt was perfect for New Year's Eve since I presume many people will be smoking and drinking tonight.  On that note I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!

 Outfit:  Shoes and bag: Kate Spade, Sweater: J. Crew,  Jeans: Target, Bag: Chanel


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