Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unleash the Hounds(tooth)

With fall here and winter close behind, my interest has turned to one of my favorite patterns, houndstooth. While houndstooth is a classic, this year I've taken note that many designers are making it modern and graphic by enlarging the print or featuring it in a variety of colors. Today I am wearing the classic black and white version of the pattern in the form of pants from H&M. The pattern on this print is quite small and subtle, but if you look close you can't miss it.  I just learned (from Wikipedia) that this smaller version of the print is often referred to as "puppytooth." Whoever nicknamed it this was probably not aware that puppies' teeth can be quite larger and ferocious. (As I can attest to). These H&M houndstooth (puppytooth) pants were marked down to $20 a couple of weeks ago. To brighten up the classic pattern I paired them with the J. Crew Dream Crewneck sweater in Golden Sun.

While he is not a hound, William was out in full force today. Like my pants he is a black and white classic, albeit a bit on the crazy side. Unleash the Springers!

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  1. Oh such a classy outfit! I didn't see those at my h&m but they are great pants!


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