Monday, November 12, 2012

Plaid, Stripes, Wine and ... Guinea Pigs?

What do these four things have in common? Nothing, except they all describe my day off today which I spent wine tasting (and purchasing copious amounts of wine) at the Galleano Winery. The Galleano Winery dates back to 1927 when the family first purchased the land on the fringe of the Cucamonga Valley in California. Today, the winery is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon trying a variety of wines and taking in the scenery. Amongst the scenery are an abundance of guinea pigs which roam free in a large pen near the tasting room. Apparently the current owner loves these little guys and keeps them as pets. (The Galleano family's residence is located on the premises of the vineyard/winery). When we first went here they had a lot more guinea pigs than they do now. I think they have thinned out the herd so to speak, although today I saw some guinea pigs engaged in activities which I think might lead to another boom in the population pretty soon!

I dressed up a little for the guinea pigs at the winery. I am wearing the J. Crew boy shirt in Quincy Tartan with a corduroy mini, also from J. Crew. It got a little cool out so I threw on a navy striped sweater from Merona for Target. Since blue and orange (complimentary colors) look so great with one another, I paired this wine tasting ensemble with my Prada Lux tote in Papaya.

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  1. So jealous of your day off and this outfit is great! What cute guinea pigs! They make such funny noises


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