Sunday, October 14, 2012

En Plein Air

This week I discovered a new artist, Edgar Payne. Discovering new artists and adding to my repertoire of  knowledge about art and art history is a passion of mine. It is a passion I wish I had more time for!

My fascination with Payne all began last Sunday when I watched a PBS special on his life and work. Payne piqued my interest due to his diverse subject matter, including an obsession with California and the Southwest. He painted everything from the Grand Canyon to the Swiss Alps in an impressionistic style, using the outdoors as his studio. The technique of painting outside is referred to by the French expression, "en plein air." The "en plein air" approach to painting was utilized by many of the French impressionists including Monet, Renoir, and Pissarro.  I love impressionism and was thus inclined to do a Google search on Payne. What did we do before the Internet? The search revealed that Edgar Payne and his work was in my very own backyard, at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. With only a week left to see the exhibition, "Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey," my husband and I decided to make a visit.

I like to dress for the event, so I wore the Anthropologie Artist Rendering Dress from Odille. It was the perfect dress for the occasion due to its depiction of of an impressionistic landscape which could easily be displayed in a museum alongside Edgar Payne.

Due to the subdued neutral color palette of my dress, I wasn't quite sure which bag to wear. Most of my bags are either black or bright hues. I selected the Epi Alma in Menthe for this outfit. The green or "Menthe" color as Louis Vuitton prefers to call it was a perfect match with my dress.

I am providing some images of the work of Edgar Payne. Most of these were on view during the exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California art. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh I'd love to own a green bag, I keep everything so neutral and boring.
    Love the art juxtaposition here too.


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