Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mixing it Up

The thing I love about fashion lately is that it seems like almost anything goes. Disparate time periods can be mixed and matched without a second thought. Clothing that embodies and celebrates  a particular culture can be mixed with that of another. It is a big melting pot of eras and places. My outfit for today reflects this aesthetic. The skirt, as you may observe, has a distinct African influence. The shirt on the other hand, hearkens back to a Victorian England with it's ruffles and puffy sleeves. Yet, the two can be merged into a single, seamless ensemble.

The top I am wearing is Ralph Lauren. I love Ralph Lauren blouses. The fit and the style are always perfect. To me, Ralph Lauren represents the quintessential preppy American point of view. Whenever I think of Ralph Lauren I imagine people on horse back riding through the country side or relaxing in the Hamptons. The ads always suck you into to this idyllic way of life!

The skirt, on the other hand, is from Anthropologie. Anthropologie offers a more culturally diverse view on fashion. This precise name of this skirt is called the Brimming Boarders Mini. I bought it this summer and the size 4 (my usual size) fit perfectly. I love the funky beading and embroidery in this skirt.

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