Thursday, September 27, 2012

Castles Made of Sand (Cotton)

I don't know why, but my outfits for this week all conjure up songs from the soundtrack of my life. The Anthropologie Flora Fortress skirt which I am wearing today brings to mind Jimi hHendrix's famous "Castles Made of Sand." The reason for this is if you look real hard, you will see tiny sketched castles on the lower half of the skirt. Overall, I think this is a great skirt due to the fact that it mixes together a potpourri of fabulous prints. You wouldn't think these prints would go together, but somehow it create a gorgeous collage of fabric!

I bought this skirt this August with my birthday promo. I ended up getting a size 4 in this skirt. I actually contemplated going bigger only because that is often what I do with short skirts to get them to sit lower on my hips, thus adding a little length. I love this skirt, but I wish it was an inch or two longer for taller girls such as myself. I am almost 5' 9" for reference and skirts like this tend to look a little short, especially for work. I think this will be a great fall/winter skirt to pair with tights and boots. I look forward to showing you all how I restyle it when the weather gets cooler.

I thought for this rather hot summer day I would pair the skirt with the J. Crew Indian Voile boy shirt. I picked this shirt up during a summer sale at J. Crew. It is a size 0 which fits just fine. The boy shirts from J.Crew always run big, I probably could take a size 00. Actually I bought the cute silk boy shirt from J. Crew with all of the hens on it last weekend in size 00.

Here is close up of the skirt with all its brilliant details. You can see the castle, roses, and abstract detailing which makes this skirt a winner in my book. While castles made of sand may fall into the sea eventually, this skirt will stand the test of time!

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