Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quirky Bird Prints

I was instantly attracted to this blouse from H&M due to the cute and colorful parrot print. It was also the first "peplum" style blouse in my wardrobe. I honestly did not know what peplum was referring to until last Spring. Peplum tops appear to be all the rage now. The thing I like about peplum tops is that they can be worn casual or dressed up, for example with a pencil skirt to accentuate the "frills."  I  decided to pair my H&M parrot peplum top with the 4" chino shorts from J. Crew for a casual look.

To accessorize I added a bit more color with the J. Crew Candy Stripe Jute clutch. I love this clutch because of the neon stripes. The colors happen to match with all of the J. Crew chino shorts I purchased for summer this year! The other thing I love about this clutch is the size. It easily fits my wallet, my husband's wallet ( I'm not sure why he makes me carry it), sunglasses, phone and keys. So all in all it is a very practical clutch, which is rare.

When assembling this outfit I realized one thing; I have a lot of prints which feature birds. I already realized my obsession with dots, stripes and colors, but this had never crossed my mind. So I went into my closet and started looking for prints with feathered friends and was amazed at what I found. I guess I have a bird obsession too! I can't believe how many species of birds are represented in my wardrobe. Here are some of my favorite bird prints:

From left to right:

a.) Anthropologie Odille Duck Decoy Corduroy Skirt
b.) Anthropologie Feathered Village Skirt
c.) Anthropologie Charlotte Taylor Stilt Strider Skirt
d.) Kate Spade Beacon Hill Cassie Shirt Dress in Owl Print

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  1. i'm so envious you can wear peplum! i adore the printed birds on this, too cute!


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