Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bourbon Even for Dessert

I have been making sugar cookies since before I can remember. This was always a tradition in my family for Christmas. Lately I have been making them for various holidays including Easter and my husband's birthday. Apparently, these are quite addictive. My husband's family will literally eat 10 cookies at a time or more in one sitting. 

For my husband's bourbon themed birthday I made cookies in the shape of Maker's Mark bottles with a cookie cutter I bought at the Maker's Mark gift shop. Maker's Mark has the most beautiful distillery in all of Kentucky! They are know for their distinctive red wax which covers the neck of all of their bottles. I was fortunate enough to watch as they applied the wax coating on bottles during our trip to Kentucky.

Here is a picture of the sugar cookies. I used red sugar sprinkles to "represent" the trade mark red wax. The rest of the cookie is decorated with a traditional sugar cinnamon blend. While these are not made with bourbon, they do contain bourbon vanilla extract!


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