Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Denim Ballerina

My husband said today that I looked like a "Denim Ballerina" which I thought was a very fitting name for this post. Obviously this comment was inspired by the pairing of my metallic "flouncy" skirt and denim jacket. The metallic tulle skirt is from Anthropologie and it recently went on sale for $39 marked down from $150. Here's a tip for those of you who like shopping at Anthropologie: If they don't have your size online you can call up a store to do a charge send. Maybe it was just the store I called, or maybe this is applicable to all Anthropologie stores, but they tracked down the skirt and they didn't charge me shipping. This delighted me since Anthropologie has rather exorbitant shipping fees in my opinion. In addition, Anthropologie didn't charge tax, which I presume was just a fluke. I ordered this skirt in two sizes because I read in the reviews that it ran small (which I actually disagree with) and when I returned the size which didn't fit they credited me the tax back even though they didn't originally charge me tax... so I actually made about $4 on this deal! In total the skirt was about $35 out the door.

Since opposites so often attract, I decided to mix this rather dressy skirt with a casual, down to earth denim jacket. The denim jacket imparted a rather care free spirit on me today, taking me back to simpler times. This particular jacket is from H&M. They are running a great promo for 30% off any one item. I purchased this jacket after that discount for $30 (plus tax) which I guess also makes me a ballerina on a budget!


  1. i love this!! absolutely adorable. you are not a denim ballerina.. boys. :P


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