Saturday, September 1, 2012


Is it a faux pas to post pictures of clothing you have already worn before in previous posts? I should think not, because there is always a way to reinvent a piece and style it in a different way. This past  summer I bought the J. Crew no. 2 pencil skirt in Garden Floral and posted it a couple of months ago on my blog, but here it is again remixed for a different occasion. The thing I love most about this skirt, besides for the amazing price I paid for it, is how versatile it is. The myrid of colors enables you to mix and match as you please, resulting in numerous combinations. I wanted to go for a work appropriate look so this time I paired the skirt with a J. Crew popover button down blouse and ballet flats.

I am looking forward to wearing this skirt even into the Fall/Winter. I wouldn't do so if I lived on the East Coast, but here in Southern California you can bend the rules a bit. I have a few Tippi cardigans from J. Crew that would match this skirt perfectly. I am anxious to pair the two together once the weather starts to turn. Hopefully that comes sooner than later!

I have gotten a lot of use out of this particular pair of ballet flats in Poppy from J. Crew. Maybe too much use! I once wore them in a rain storm and walked through a few inches of water in them. Luckily they held up. Actually I put plastic bags on them and then put rubber bands around my ankles resulting in makeshift galoshes.  I was seriously thinking about buying a new pair (one or two) in the same exact color so that I would have them for years to come. Maybe that is a silly idea, but I really do love this color!


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