Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rare and Reserve

I like unique and quirky things, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has read my blog for a while. So when I spied this bag called "Desert Storm" at the Louis Vuitton boutique I knew it was right up my alley because of its unique and kitschy design, but I had no idea just how special it was. The sales associate told me that it was one of two that were in the United States and only 24 were made in total by the company, which is a little different from the sea of canvas monogram bags that one usually associates with Louis Vuitton. I wasn't sure if it was maybe too unique and kitschy, so I walked around Caesar's Palace for a while mulling it over. When I came back to the boutique I decided to splurge on it. Maybe it was seeing the comedian Carrot Top outside of the boutique (what could be a more auspicious sign?) or the fact that Vegas makes you do some crazy things with their dark casinos and hypnotic slot machine sounds, but whatever it was I'm glad I took the plunge.

The bag is particularly meaningful to me because the day after I purchased it my husband and I went to Valley of the Fire State Park in Nevada, which you can see here. The breathtaking vistas of the west that we saw on our excursion reminded me of the scene that is etched in the leather of the bag. Whenever I look at the bag it will always remind me of the experience...and Carrot Top, but mostly the first memory, which was much more pleasant and romantic than the latter!

One of my other qualms about buying the bag that initially gave me pause was that I wasn't quite sure what I would wear it with. There are so many colors featured on the bag, but because the design is so bold it is somewhat limiting. I decided it would look great with something simple, but since I don't do simple very often I had to put some twists into today's look of a plain blazer with jeans, which is where the stripes and polka dots come in. Below are some options I've selected that are either similar to or inspired by my ensemble.

Jacket: J. Crew "School Boy" similar
Shirt: J. Crew here
Jeans: J. Crew "Reid" similar options here
Shoes: Kate Spade similar
Bag: Louis Vuitton "Desert Storm"
Sunglasses: Prada here


  1. Great call on the bag! It is gorgeous. Love the whole look!

    xx, Elise

  2. Good thing you took the plunge, the bag is gorgeous, you wear it well AND one of only two in the US? That's a great story! I'm always on the hunt for unique things that can jazz up my outfit. You look gorgeous! Happy Valentine's weekend and I hope you have a fabulous weekend whatever you do! XO -Kim

  3. Ooh that is such a fun bag--what a statement piece! I love this look, and since I have similar pieces in my closet (except that bag, obviously) I'm definitely going to have to recreate it myself. So thanks for the inspiration!
    Shea |

  4. That bag is so cool and different. I love handbags that catch attention and that's definitely a keeper! Head to toe fab style as always, Katie. You just plain old ROCK on a regular basis!

    Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

    Dawn Lucy

  5. You know that I love this entire ensemble! That purse, though? Oh my, I don't even know what I would do for that bag. LOL! Love it, Katie!

  6. That bag looks 100% worth it! What a cool story to go with it, too. The best pieces alway come with stories!
    Darling, Dearest

  7. Fantastic bag! I can imagine why you fall in love with it. o)


  8. I love the mix of patterns and colors here Katie! The shoes are adorable, I have been shoe crazy lately. Love the brightness of the bag and you were in the right place at the right time, huh
    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  9. Oh. My. Goodness. I Love everything about this look, Katie! So glad you purchased this bold bag - it really looks like you, in my opinion. Now you have me wanting to add a bright, bold orange jacket to my wardrobe...

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday! Hope to see you back this week.

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots


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